Student Physical Health

CHSU assures that students will have access to diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic health services on a 24-hour, seven-days-per-week basis. A wide range of healthcare services are available to CHSU students in the local community. Students may access these services independently of CHSU. CHSU maintains a list of some of these healthcare providers, which is posted on the CHSU website and available to students to assist them in locating health services. Students who are completing clinical educational experiences outside of the community, such as OMS-III and OMS-IV students in the college of osteopathic medicine, will be provided with information about accessing health services in their clinical clerkship guide.

Health services are confidential. Health professionals who provide health services to students, through a physician-patient relationship are required to recuse themselves from the academic assessment of the students receiving their services. While the faculty (including adjunct faculty) are required to abide by this rule, students should not engage healthcare providers who are involved in their academic assessment or promotion so that this does not occur inadvertently.

Students completing clinical educational experiences, including OMS-III and OMS –IV students in the CHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, may not participate in providing other students’ healthcare services or observing them receive such services and may not view other students’ health records.