Student Parking

This is a new policy with an approved effective date of 01/09/2024

In the event the parking rules are violated, enforcement for violation of parking rules by CHSU students may include a warning for the first violation and a fine (in an amount determined by CHSU) for subsequent violations. In egregious circumstances, a different sanction may apply. Multiple or continuing parking violations may result in a referral to Student Affairs or review by Student Professionalism Committee.

Parking Permits

All vehicles parked on the University campuses located at 2500 Alluvial Avenue and 120 N Clovis Avenue in the City of Clovis must display an official campus permit. Parking permits are issued by CHSU facilities department. Incoming students are provided a parking permit at the beginning of the academic year, which is valid for the duration of their academic education. Parking permits should be hung on the rear-view mirror or on the driver’s side of a vehicle’s windshield where it is clearly visible.

Students who use a different vehicle than the one previously registered must advise the Directory of Security and Facilities of the change immediately. Citations may be issued in instances where vehicles have no parking permit or an improperly displayed parking permit. 

Unauthorized Parking and Citations

Parking on either campus is permissible in all areas except for those areas described below.

  1. Use of a parking space reserved for the disabled is limited to those who have clearly displayed a disability placard or license plate.
  2. Use of parking spaces designated for guest parking is limited to visitors and guests on campus. Students are not permitted to park in the guest designated parking spaces.
  3. Electric vehicle parking stalls are reserved for use by electrical vehicles only.
  4. Use of reserved parking spaces is limited to those who are assigned the spaces.
  5. Spaces that are designated as reserved for other purposes.

The CHSU Director of Security and their designee(s) have the authority to issue citations based on any observed violation of this policy. Violations will have the following fine structure.

  1. CHSU employees may receive one warning for the first violation of this policy. Thereafter, employees may be fined for any subsequent violations. In addition, where there are multiple violations, an employee may be disciplined for misconduct.
  2. Students may receive a warning for the first violation of this policy. Thereafter, students may be fined for any subsequent violations. In addition, where there are multiple violations, a student may be referred to the Office of Student Affairs in their college or program and/or referred to the Students Professionalism Committee
  3. Appeals for any citation are to be directed to the Director of Security who will then consult with the Vice President of Operations to adjudicate the appeal. The Director’s decision on the appeal is final.
  4. Fines are to be paid to the CHSU Business Office directly by check or credit card, if requested.
  5. In addition to citations and fines, vehicles parked in unauthorized parking spaces may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense if CHSU Director of Security deems it necessary to do so.

Parking Hours

Parking on campus is permitted during business and study hours. If vehicles will be left on campus for a 24-hour period or longer, the owner must advise CHSU Security. Vehicles left on campus for 72 hours or longer will be considered by Campus Security to have been abandoned and may be removed, with towing costs and expenses charged to the owner.


CHSU strives to maintain a safe campus environment but cannot guarantee the safety and security in parking lots or elsewhere on campus. Prior to being provided a parking permit, students will be required to acknowledge that CHSU will not be liable for any theft or vandalism that occurs to any