Scheduling Rotations

CORE ELMS Site Prospector

Students are responsible for scheduling their fourth-year clerkship rotations. All fourth-year rotations are submitted and managed through CORE ELMS>Site Prospector. Rotation requests must be initiated a minimum of 90+ days, or 120+ days if an affiliation agreement is needed, before the scheduled start date of the rotation.

In Site Prospector your coordinator will process the request status as follows:

  • Pending:
    • Under review
    • Waiting for documents from the site/preceptor/student
    • VSLO-additional action needed
    • Pending/Processing
  • Confirmed
  • Denied

Rotation notes are entered and viewable to students regarding coordinator communication with the site/preceptor/student.

Please note that a third-year CHSU core site/preceptor availability may impact the approval process as well as site placement for any rotation.