Required Patient Encounters

Required conditions, diagnoses and procedures which are unique to each core clerkship are delineated in the syllabus for the clerkship.

These required conditions, diagnoses and procedures for each clerkship are found in the ‘Field Encounters’ area within CORE. Students document in this area when they encounter each condition, diagnosis or perform each procedure. Students should update this into CORE by the Friday before the COMAT exam for that clerkship.

There are electronic cases for each of these requirements in Online Med Ed, that students are to complete for any conditions, diagnoses or procedures that they do not encounter during the clerkship. These may be completed during the fourth week of the Clerkship for requirements not yet encountered. Documentation of the completion of these cases may also be uploaded into CORE in the field encounter area.

The completion of the entirety of the requirements in the Field Encounter area are mandatory and must be completed before the end of the clerkship.