COM 1999 : Clinical Sciences Integration II (CSI-II) - Elective

Class Program
Credits 2

Clinical Sciences Integration II (CSI II) course is a multidisciplinary course that prepares students for successful completion of the COMLEX Level 1 exam, which assess students competency in integrated foundational biomedical sciences with other areas of medical knowledge relevant to clinical problem-solving and the promotion of health maintenance. Competency domains assessed include application of osteopathic medical knowledge,  osteopathic patient care, osteopathic principles and practice, communication skills, professionalism, and ethics. Competency assessment occurs in the context of clinical and patient presentations and systems-based practice as required for entry into the supervised practice of general osteopathic medicine and for readiness for lifelong learning and practice-based learning and improvement. The detailed examination blueprint can be found at Blueprint — NBOME. 

CSI II course aims to have each student review through self/ guided-study approach the high-yield COMLEX Level 1topics of Foundational Biomedical Sciences (Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Immunology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Behavioral Sciences), Clinical Sciences emphasizing Osteopathic Principles and Practices, and Preventive care (Preventive Medicine, Nutrition, and Health Promotion) that had already been taught through the CHSU-COM's curriculum. 

This course provides designated time, faculty support (as needed), board-style practice questions, and learning resources (TrueLearn/COMBANK, KAPLAN, and Scholar Rx 360) for adequate preparation for the COMLEX® Level 1 exam 

The course uses formative evaluation using question banks from multiple sources (COMBANK, Scholar RX 360, and Kaplan). Students are required to complete at least 2000 TrueLearn/COMBank questions over the period of the course with a minimum correct response rate of 55% by the last week of the course before writing the COMLEX Level 1 exam.  Two COMSAE (Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Self-Assessment Examination) will be administered at designated times (1st COMSAE test will be on week 1 and 2nd COMSAE test will be on week 4 of the course). A passing score of 450 is required for passing the COMSAE 2 test.

The 4-week CSI II elective course includes 4 weeks of self-study time. (2.0 credit hours)