OMS -III & OMS-IV Curriculum

OMS-III Curriculum

Individual start and end dates of year three vary by location. CHSU COM will ensure that each student participates in one or more required core rotations(s) prior to the fourth-year clinical clerkship experience that is conducted in a healthcare setting in which the student works with the resident physicians currently enrolled in an accredited program of graduate medical education. A minimum of one required third-year clinical clerkship must be completed under the supervision of an osteopathic physician, and more than one of the required third-year clinical clerkship experiences must include an inpatient component.

OMS-III Curriculum / Required Core Clerkships (4-weeks each)
Family Medicine I 
Family Medicine II
Internal Medicine I
Internal Medicine II
Surgery I
Surgery II
Women's Health
Behavioral Health
Comprehensive Clinical Management
Entrustable Professional Activities I
Entrustable Professional Activities II

OMS-IV Curriculum

Individual start and end dates vary by location. Students must be enrolled in clinical activities throughout the entire academic year, up through the 3rd Friday of April.

OMS-IV Required Clerkships & Electives
Emergency Medicine
Primary Care Selective
Community/Rural/Underserved Medicine Selective
Specialty Medicine Selective
Entrustable Professional Activities III
Electives (All COM students must be enrolled in clinical activities through the 3rd Friday of April)
Audition Clerkships (available through VSLO and other mechanisms)
Research Option