Official Transcript Requests

Official Transcript Requests

The academic transcript is a permanent student record maintained by the Office of the Registrar. The academic transcript includes the degree granted, the conferral date when the degree was granted, and the number of credit hours earned for the degree.

Students and Alumni may obtain an official transcript in person, accessing the CHSU website, or mailing a transcript request form to the Office of the Registrar. The preferred and most convenient way to request an official transcript is to order your transcript online. CHSU has retained Parchment Transcript Services Provider to accept transcript orders online via a secure website. CHSU has also appointed Parchment Transcript Services Provider as the designated agent for processing, printing, and sending official transcripts on behalf of CHSU.

To place an order for an official transcript through the online service, click here.

Students and Alumni can select to have an official transcript sent electronically, by mail, expediated mail, or picked up in person. The fee for an official transcript to be sent electronically or picked up in person is $10.00. Official transcripts that are mailed or expediated are $10.00 plus additional mailing charges.

Official Transcripts for Licensing and Examination Boards

A complimentary official transcript will be sent to the state licensing boards at the graduate’s request upon graduation. Please complete and submit the Graduate Transcript Release Form with your Graduation Petition Form.