MSBS Semester & Course Numbering Information

Semester Credit Hours

One (1) unit of credit is assigned for a minimum of 750 minutes of formalized classroom instruction that requires students to work an average of twice the amount of time for out-of-class assignments (1,500 minutes). For courses that include additional workshop and/or laboratory sessions, one (1) credit hour equals 25 clock hours of formalized instruction plus 12.5 clock hours for student out-of-class assignments.  

Length of the Semester 

CHSU College of Biosciences and Health Professions-MSBS program defines the fall and spring semester length as 15 weeks and the summer semester length as 8 Weeks.   

Course Delivery Method

The Biomedical Sciences program utilizes face-to-face traditional classroom lectures combined with web-enhanced courses through the university's learning management system (LMS). The LMS stores course materials that support specific curriculum objectives and all lectures are delivered in a physical classroom. 

Course Numbering System 

The number assigned to a course is a general indicator of the year level of the course. The first digit refer to the year level, the second digit indicates the course specialty/discipline, and the third digit designates the sequence of the course.

MSBS Course Numbering System Year Discipline
600 - Level First Year 10 = Biomedical Sciences
700 - Level  Second Year  20 = Clinical Sciences
    30 = Pharmaceutical Sciences
    40 = Administrative Sciences
    50 = Prep / Research
    90 = Thesis