MSBS Course Remediation and Course Repeat


A student that receives any final individual course grade of F will be referred to the Graduate Student Progression Committee (GSPC) for review and approval to remediate the course in which the F grade was received. Remediation is a self-study process in which the student is given the opportunity to improve their grade typically by taking a cumulative remediation examination at a later time (Remediation). During Remediation, students may seek faculty assistance, or utilize other resources listed in the Promediation section to help prepare them for the remediation exam. Satisfactory completion of remediation is determined by a grade of ≥70% on the remediation exam. Regardless of their score on the remediation exam, the highest grade for students successfully remediating a course is a grade of “C” and the student will be assigned a grade of RC on their transcript (Successful Remediation). Students who earn 2 “F” grades cumulatively at any time in the program, irrespective of whether those F grades have been successfully remediated, will be referred to the GSPC for review and may not be allowed to remediate any future courses.

Unsuccessful remediation will result in a grade of RF (Unsuccessful Remediation) being reported to the Registrar. The RF grade is the equivalent to the original F grade in terms of computing GPA. An unsuccessful remediation will cause the student to have to retake the course the next time it is offered in the following year. This will impact normal progression through the program and may affect financial aid eligibility as well as may change the student’s total cost of attendance in the program.

Course Repeat

The following applies to repeat of courses in which a student has received a non-passing grade or withdrawn from a course: 

  • Receiving a grade of “RF” or “F”, or “NP” or “W” in one or more classes will impact student’s progress through the MSBS academic program.
  • GSPC may recommend that the student: (i) repeat the failed course next time it is offered; or (ii) repeat the entire semester; or (iii) repeat the entire academic year.
  • Students who receive approval to repeat a failed course will only be allowed to repeat the failed course one time. If a student receives a non-passing grade in any repeated course, they will be referred to the GSPC. 
  • If a student repeats a course, the grade received for both the original and repeated course will be recorded on the student's official transcript. However, only the grade received in the re-take will be used to calculate the cumulative GPA and the number of credits received toward degree completion requirements. 
  • In any retaken course, students must achieve a minimum score of 70% in order to pass and satisfactorily meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress. 
  • Students will be charged tuition for any such repeated course, semester or academic year. Students are advised to contact the Financial Aid Office to determine if they are eligible to receive financial aid for any repeated course.