MSBS Academic Support and Development Policy

Academic advising and support are available to all Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) students. Academic skills, including time management, learning styles, study skills, utilizing educational resources and test-taking skills are all areas of focus towards improved student success. A variety of available resources consist of assigned Faculty Advisors, Student Affairs staff members, Psychologists, Counsellors and Program Director.

All entering MSBS students are assigned a Faculty Advisor, who will serve that role throughout the duration of a student’s enrollment in MSBS program. Education Skills/Learning Specialist is available to offer academic skills workshops in addition to providing individual academic support through the Office of Student Affairs. Several faculty, staff and administrators with advanced educational degrees and expertise in adult learning are available to serve as resources for the students. Procedures are maintained in the Office of Student Affairs and or Academic Affairs delineating where and how students access these academic support services. Licensed clinical psychologists are available for students through the Office of Student Affairs.