Mobile Devices

All CHSU students are required to have a laptop or equivalent. The University recognizes that students will possess mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones with video, camera, and/or voice recording capabilities. In support of each individual’s reasonable expectation of privacy and the copyright and intellectual property laws, the use of these mobile device features must be in conjunction with express consent. Students are expressly forbidden to video, photograph or make voice recordings without the express consent of the subject(s) being photographed or recorded. Any student whose use of their mobile device violates another’s reasonable expectation of privacy, or produces any media as a result of the mobile device capabilities without express consent, may be found in violation of the CHSU Acceptable Use of Technology Policy. Violations of this policy may lead to disciplinary action.

In order to not disturb the work of others in the classroom, mobile devices are to be set to a non-audible mode (vibrate or flashing light) during all educational activities and meetings.

Mobile devices are to be set to a non-audible mode while a student is on an experiential education rotation, to minimize disruption of the educational activity at the site. However, a preceptor will have the final decision regarding mobile device use at the rotation site. Laptop computer in class should only be used for course-related purposes. No other computing activities will be permitted. Unauthorized computer use during class may result in loss of computing privileges and/or wireless network access. The laptop computer will be needed for taking examinations and students will be expected to have already downloaded the appropriate software from the Exam Soft website.