HIPAA Training Policy

All CHSU students will be expected to adhere to the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules when participating in clinical activities required by their program. HIPAA compliance will be expected in all clinicals sites affiliated with CHSU (pharmacies, affiliated hospitals and clinics, health care provider offices).

Students will receive training from CHSU at the appropriate time to ensure compliance with the rules that include maintaining confidentiality of paper and electronic health records, a critical component of the health care provider-patient relationship. Students can expect the following: periodic re-training in HIPAA rules at CHSU and training at affiliated sites as required by the CHSU and/or affiliate policies and procedures governing the presence of students at those sites. Although CHSU will ensure and document student training, affiliated sites must adhere to their own rules governing their organization. Students will therefore undergo multiple HIPAA trainings throughout their time at CHSU.

Should students have any questions about HIPAA and its role in their education, they are encouraged to connect with their course/block/clerkship leadership, teaching faculty, or their relevant Office of Student Affairs. Concerns about student violating rules of HIPAA and student confidentiality should be reported to the relevant Office of Student Affairs.