Guests and Visitors

While CHSU is a welcoming and inclusive community, CHSU is also committed to creating and preserving a safe and academically focused environment. This Campus Facilities Policy balances ease of access for employees, faculty, and students with practical and common-sense procedures designed to help protect students, faculty, employees, and guests. This policy is intended to allow limited campus access for authorized individuals from outside the CHSU community. It is critical that all guests and visitors to CHSU conduct themselves with due respect for CHSU's faculty and students and not interfere with the educational process or learning environment.

Faculty, Staff & Students with their valid CHSU ID cards are permitted to bring five or fewer guests and visitors on the CHSU Campus for brief periods, such as tours, during regular business or study hours provided that the purpose of the visit or the conduct of the visitor/guest does not conflict with CHSU's mission, vision or values of CHSU. Guests and visitors are required to sign in the Reception Desk, at which time they will be given a temporary guest pass. While faculty, staff, or students will usually be permitted to have as many as five visitors/guests, CHSU has the right to limit the number of guests permitted at one time or not permit access by any guests or visitors on any CHSU campus. For larger groups of guests or planned or official events, the overseeing student, faculty or staff member must provide a guest list to the Operations Department at least 24-hours prior to the guests or visitors' arrival. 

Procedures for Guests/Visitors

  1. Guests and visitors are required to wear their guest passes such that they are easily visible at all times during the visit and return the guest passes to the reception desk once the visit is over. 
  2. Accompanied guests and visitors may visit a class for up to 15 minutes and without disrupting the classroom session. For visits longer than 15 minutes, the supervising faculty in the classroom must be notified in advance of the visit and agree to the extended visit. 
  3. Guests and visitors of students may only be granted access if:
    • The student is present at the reception desk to sign the guest/visitor in;
    • The student escorts and remains with the guest/visitor at all times;
    • The student agrees to be responsible for all actions of the guest/visitor.
  4. Guests and visitors of faculty or staff may only be granted access if:
    • A faculty or staff member is present at the Reception Desk to sign them in; thereafter, the faculty or staff member must remain with the guest/visitor at all times; or
    • The visitor is announced by CHSU to the faculty or staff member who they are visiting and signs in and is approved for access; thereafter, the visitor must wait until a CHSU representative escorts them to the location of the faculty or staff member that approved their access and who is required to remain with the guest/visitor at all times. The representative or the host must remain with the guest/visitor at all times until the guest/visitor exits the CHSU facility.
  5. The student, faculty or staff member will be responsible for all actions of the Guest/Visitor, In the event that the Guest or Visitor causes damage to CHSU property, the student, faculty or staff member may be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property.
  6. The hosts (students, student groups, faculty or staff) are responsible for notifying their Guests or Visitors of CHSU rules and regulations and are accountable for the conduct of their Guests/Visitors.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Guest/Visitor’s host to ensure the Guest/Visitor does not disrupt the educational environment. If the Guest/Visitor causes a disruption, CHSU may require the Guest to leave or be removed from campus by security or law enforcement. Failure of the Guest/Visitor to follow instructions to leave campus when instructed to do so by CHSU personnel may result in disciplinary action for the host in accordance with the University policies and procedures.
  8. In situations where tours involving large outside groups (i.e. prospective students) are being conducted on campus, the department overseeing these tours will be responsible for distributing, and accounting for, the guest passes that their department has been issued for this purpose. The department or other group overseeing the Guests/Visitors must submit a guest list to the Operations Department at least 24 hours prior to the visit. CHSU has the discretionary authority to not allow access to facilities to Visitors or Guests who are not included on the list.
  9. Deliveries and messengers will be required to present an Acceptable Form of Identification to access a building for the purposes of making a delivery. As with other Guests and Visitors, delivery persons and messengers will be required to fill out the CHSU guest sign-in log, after which they will be allowed to complete their deliveries. Delivery persons making bulk deliveries will be asked to utilize the loading docks at 120 N Clovis Ave. Clovis, Ca 93612 or 2500 Alluvial Ave. Clovis, CA 93611 Operations department staff will be responsible for ensuring the identity of those persons entering CHSU facilities via this method.

Procedures for Affiliates

The Operation Department should receive advance notice from CHSU administration when Affiliates will be using CHSU facilities, including a list of the Affiliate’s attendees and a schedule of any anticipated deliveries. All Affiliates will be required check in at the Reception Desk and to fill out the CHSU guest sign-in and will receive guest passes.