Duty Hours

Medicine is not a field that follows 9 – 5 schedules. Patients require care 24 hours a day and on weekends and holidays. The following considerations apply to CHSU-COM students while on clinical rotations:

  • Duty hours will vary depending on the specialty and the location
  • Varying start and end times
  • Weekends and holidays may be scheduled “on duty”
Clerkship Hours

Scheduling is determined solely at the discretion of the clinical site, service or preceptor and must be followed without exception. Responsibilities may be required on overnights, weekends, or holidays. Laws mandating restrictions on intern and resident work hours do not apply to medical students.

Students generally follow the same schedule as their preceptor, however, if the preceptor is on vacation, or scheduled away from the office or hospital, additional arrangements must be made for completion of the Clerkship. If this occurs, the student must contact their CHSU Clinical Clerkship Coordinator immediately. Students must be enrolled in clinical activities throughout the academic year up to graduation. Unreported absences or chronic absenteeism may lead to a referral to an appropriate University official.