Due Process

California Health Sciences University ("University") is committed to providing fair disciplinary processes for all employees and students. The University shall disseminate policies and procedures which provide for fair treatment of employees and students. Such policies and related procedures for employees shall be developed and maintained by the Office of Human Resources and shall be made available in the same manner as other personnel policies and procedures. Such policies and related procedures for students shall be developed and maintained by the Office of Student Affairs and shall be contained in applicable student catalogs and handbooks.

The University shall also disseminate policies which provide for the processing of complaints made against members of the University community, including students and employees. These policies shall provide a fair process for review of those complaints. Fair review of such complaints shall include a neutral fact-finder, which may or may not be an employee of the University. The fact-finder will make determinations of complaints based on a preponderance of the evidence standard. The preponderance of the evidence standard means that fact-finders must determine whether the allegations of a complaint are more likely than not to be true based on available evidence, including, but not limited to, witness statements, available documents and credibility determinations. An appeals process shall be provided in each complaint policy. All such complaints must be processed in accordance with applicable state and federal law.

The University shall also make available to employees and students, information for the filing of complaints with appropriate state, federal and accrediting agencies, as required by state or federal law and/or by the University's accrediting agencies' rules, standards or regulations.