Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Program Description

The core of CHSU’s mission is to educate physicians who will be prepared to serve the growing health needs of the Central Valley. CHSU is committed to developing compassionate, highly trained, intellectually curious, adaptive leaders capable of meeting the healthcare needs of the future through a performance-based education. To accomplish its mission, it is essential that CHSU only admit those students that it believes will be successful in the COM’s program and, ultimately, the Osteopathic Medicine profession. Additionally, CHSU must seek to achieve diversity among its student body. CHSU has a compelling interest in making sure that talented applicants, from all backgrounds, are welcome at CHSU. As such, CHSU uses a holistic approach to admissions that considers more maturity, creativity, exceptional circumstances, than just an applicant’s GPA and completed coursework. Specifically, factors such as an applicant’s extracurricular activities, relevant life experiences, research, work and volunteer experience (including, but not necessarily limited to, experience in an Osteopathic Medicine or other health care setting), family responsibilities, intellectual curiosity, respect for and knowledge of cultural differences, ability to overcome hardship, integrity, personal status as a first generation college student and/or commitment to serving the Central Valley or disadvantaged communities (“Non-Academic Factors”). These Non-Academic Factors are all taken into consideration during the admissions process. Through these Non- Academic factors, applicants should demonstrate motivation for and a commitment to health care.