Credentialing of Preceptors

The Office of Clinical Education of CHSU will identify, verify, and document the qualifications of each supervising preceptor. CHSU COM and each participating hospital or clinic will identify the personnel involved in the clerkship teaching programs, including administrative personnel.

Scheduling and coordination of clerkship assignments will be through the Office of the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs. Delivery of clerkship content, structure, and evaluation will be the responsibility of the supervising preceptors and appropriate departments of the hospital or clinic and approved by CHSU COM.

On-site California Health Sciences University inspections by the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs (or appointee) will be done periodically to ensure adequate student support and oversight is available at each clerkship site.

Upon receipt of a signed affiliation agreement with a preceptor, a valid state medical license is verified via FSMB records, and current board certification or eligibility is confirmed via the AOA or NBMS.