COP Academic Alerts and Promediation Policy

Promediation is the method used by the College of Pharmacy (COP) to assist in ensuring student progression. This system of academic alerts will keep the student, Course Director, and Office of the Dean aware if a student falls below 70% in any COP course. This will bring awareness of any potential concern and ensures the student has been made aware of resources available to help him or her progress successfully.

Course Directors are to identify at-risk students throughout the semester with the utilization of any individual assessments; this may include but is not limited to exams, mid-terms, OSCES, Simulations, iRATS, iBATS, or iCATS (at-risk students are those identified at 70% or below).

Course Director(s) communicates to the Office of Academic Affairs which students may be considered at-risk. Office of Academic Affairs reaches out to those identified by the Course Director(s) within one week of notification via email to start the Promediation Process.

  • Email to student from the Office of Academic Affairs with copy to Course Director(s) and Faculty Mentor giving details of academic standing.
  • Student to complete the mandatory Promediation Action Plan Form within two weeks and review plan with Faculty Mentor with final copies sent to both; failure to complete the Promediation Action Plan form and/or meet with the Faculty Mentor could result in an automatic referral to the Academic Performance and Standard Committee (APSC).
  • Student will remain on Promediation for the remainder of the semester once the student has been triggered, even when academic progression has improved.
  • Students that are on Promediation for multiple classes, or if the Faculty Mentor feels that additional support beyond mentorship is needed, meetings with the Learning Specialist could be scheduled to discuss study habits, time management, stress management and other skills that the student could improve upon. If the Learning Specialist does not see progression or improvement, the student will be referred to APSC for additional support.

Office of Academic Affairs Academic Affairs appropriately stores completed Promediation Action Plan Forms and all student meeting notes. The completed forms and notes can be utilized as needed for future decision making (e.g., grade appeal).