COM Grading System and Quality Points - Revised

This policy has been revised with a retroactive effective date of July 2023 - (section revised: Core Clinical Clerkship Grading System OMS-III)

Semester Credit Hours

One (1) unit of credit is assigned for a minimum of 750 minutes of formalized classroom instruction that requires students to work an average of twice the amount of time for out-of-class assignments (1,500 minutes). For courses that include additional workshop and/or laboratory sessions, one (1) credit hour equals 25 clock hours of formalized instruction plus 12.5 clock hours for student out-of-class assignments. For clinical clerkships, one (1) credit hour is assigned for each 37.5 clock hour.

CHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine defines a semester length as 20 weeks for the first- and second-year students (pre-clinical instructional coursework) with a summer intersession. The third- and fourth-year students complete clinical rotations as assigned throughout the academic calendar year.

Grading System

Cumulative grade point averages are computed with a quality point system. The interpretation of the letter grades and their quality point values is as follows:

A. Preclinical Grading System

Grade Description GPA Quality


3.50 – 4.00

B 80-90% 3.00 – 3.45


2.00 – 2.90

F <70% 0.00
RC >70% - Remediation Successfully Completed 2.00
RF <70% - Remediation Failed 0.00

> 70% and above




Percentage Score

GPA Points

Percentage Score

GPA Points

Percentage Score

GPA Points



89% 3.45 79% 2.90



88% 3.40 78% 2.80


3.90 87% 3.35 77% 2.70


3.85 86% 3.30 76% 2.60


3.80 85% 3.25 75% 2.50


3.75 84% 3.20 74% 2.40


3.70 83% 3.15 73% 2.30


3.65 82% 3.10 72% 2.20


3.60 81% 3.05 71% 2.10


3.55 80% 3.00 70% 2.00


3.50     <70% 0.00

*Percentage Score Earned and Quality Points Awarded
*Percentage scores earned are rounded to the nearest integer/whole number.

Rounding Percentage Scores Earned

Exam scores are rounded to the nearest integer/whole number. If the first digit to the right of the decimal or in tenths place is less than or equal to 4, the percentage score earned is rounded to the nearest whole number (e.g., 79.4 is rounded to 79). All digits after the decimal point are dropped. If the tenths digit is greater than or equal to 5, the grade is rounded to the next whole number (e.g., 79.6 is rounded to 80). All digits after the decimal point are dropped.

B. Core Clinical Clerkship Grading System OMS-III - (Clerkships with COMATs) - (Effective Retroaction Date - July 2023)

Grade Description GPA Quality



1. A high COMAT Score set by the COM curriculum committee and based on national data, which is reviewed annually; and 

2. Preceptor evaluation scores: Mean 3.5 or higher (out of 4.0)




1. An acceptable COMAT Score set by the COM curriculum committee and based on national data, which is reviewed annually; and 

2. Preceptor evaluation scores: Mean 1.5 or higher (out of 4.0)





Remediation Successfully Passed


The specific scores for honors and passing will be posted in the student clerkship manual and on the clerkship syllabi.

C. Electives and OMS-IV Clerkship Grading System (Clerkships without COMATs) 



Quality Points


Pass - Meets expectations on preceptor eval.


Non-Pass -Does not meet expectations on preceptor eval.


Additional Grade Marks Excluded from Grade-Point Average (GPA) Calculations

Grade Description


IP In Progress
W Withdrawal
Y Pending Remediation

Incomplete Grade (IC): Courses

The grade of IC (incomplete) may be assigned to a student who otherwise is passing the course but is unable to complete all the required coursework and/or examinations due to extenuating circumstances (such as illness, death in the family, injury due to accident, etc.). The “IC” grade is not counted in the grade point calculation and must be replaced before the student can register for the next academic term unless other arrangements have been made by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assessment to extend the deadline. If the “IC” mark is not removed within the stated period of time, it will automatically change to a grade of F. In cases of illness or extreme circumstance, the “IC” mark may be changed to a grade of “W”, with the approval of the Dean.

Incomplete Grade (IC): Clerkships/Rotations

If a student is unable to finish a rotation due to an extraordinary personal or family situation, they must notify their primary preceptor and the Office of Academic Affairs prior to leaving the rotation. A grade of “IC” will be recorded until the rotation can be successfully completed. The “IC” grade will then be replaced by the applicable grade earned. A student with an “IC” mark on their transcript at the beginning of the fourth-year clerkships will not be allowed to begin their fourth-year rotations until the “IC” has been removed from the transcript.

In Progress Grade (IP)

The grade of “IP” (in progress) may be assigned by the course directors to students whose work at the end of a term is still in progress because the course requires more than one term to complete. Completion of course requirements for “IP” grades must occur within one year. A grade of “IP” automatically changes to an “F” or “NP” (depending on the selected grading method) after one year if no other grade is assigned. “IP” grades count as credits attempted and as credits earned upon completion of the course. Students with “IP” grades are not re- enrolled for the course and cannot use these credits for enrollment or financial aid in subsequent terms.

Remediation Placeholder (Y): Clerkships/Rotations

The “Y” mark is a provisional placeholder for any student required to remediate a failed clerkship. A failed clerkship must be remediated within 30 days from the end-date of the scheduled clerkship. If the student has successfully passed the remediation, the “Y” mark will be changed to a “RP” grade. If the remediation is not successful, the “Y” mark will be changed to a “NP” (non-pass) grade and the student will be required to repeat the clerkship.

Clinical Rank: Clerkship/Rotations

A clinical rank separate from the pre-clinical rank will be calculated from a combination of clerkship COMAT scores and preceptor evaluations.