COM Final Course Grade Appeal Policy

A student may file an appeal to dispute a final course grade following the process outlined:

  1. The student must initiate a formal grade appeal process using the Course Grade Appeal form (located on the CHSU web site) and submitting the completed form to the Course Director within ten (10) business days of the grade being posted.
  2. The Course Director shall respond to the student in writing using the submitted Course Grade Appeal form within five (5) business days of having received the form.
  3. If the appeal is not resolved to the student’s satisfaction, the student may appeal to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Assessment within two (2) business days of being notified of the decision to reject the appeal. The Associate Dean shall meet with the student and the Course Director within five (5) business days to review the Course Grade Appeal form and any supportive documentation, discuss for the reasons for the appeal, and render a final written decision.
  4. The Associate Dean shall notify the student, the Course Director of the final decision.
  5. If the grade appeal is upheld, the Associate Dean shall notify the Registrar about any need to change the student’s grade in official academic records. If the grade appeal is rejected by the Associate Dean, the appeal process is thereby terminated.


In all matters of grade appeal, the decision of the Associate Dean is final. In the event that the Associate Dean had been personally involved in the determination of the student’s grade, or any other circumstance that could reasonably be determined to constitute a conflict of interest that might undermine the Associate Dean’s ability to render an impartial decision, the Associate Dean shall recuse and the final decision on the grade appeal shall be rendered by the Dean of the COM. Records of adjudicated grade appeals shall be retained by the Dean’s office.