COM Examination Policy

The purpose of this policy is to enforce a uniform exam process that facilitates fairness and academic integrity for all students.

  1. Students should arrive at least 10 to 15 mins before the exam time and should sit at their assigned seating at the team table.
  2. Students arriving later than 10 mins of the scheduled exam time will not be permitted to take the exam without approval from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.
  3. Personal belongings (e. g. coats, jackets, hats, scarves, shawls, blankets, pillows, books, notes, backpacks, book bags, briefcases, purses, pencil cases etc.) must be stored away at the entrance. Head apparel is allowed only for religious / cultural reasons (e. g. hijab, turban and likewise).
  4. Electronic devices (e. g. cell phones, pagers, digital timers, smart watches, programmable calculators, netbooks, and notebook computers, etc.) must be turned off and stored away from the examination area. Students are required to leave water/drink bottles with their backpacks/bags and may drink them with permission. Table spaces must be cleared of all unnecessary materials prior to the start of the exam. All materials brought into the examination area are subject to search and removal by proctors or authorized personnel.
  5. All written exams will be administered through ExamSoft and therefore, students must bring a personal laptop to the exam room.
  6. Students must refrain from communicating with classmates in any form during an examination. Students may not ask proctors for clarification on exam items. For written exams, students will be provided with a blank sheet of laminated paper and a pen for use during the exam as scratch paper. The laminated paper and pen must be returned to the proctor before leaving the exam room.
  7. Exams will be timed, and questions are randomized for individual student exams. Backward navigation is usually enabled for exams.
  8. Water or restroom breaks are permitted only after notifying a proctor by raising a hand. If a limited number of proctors are available, restroom breaks may not be permitted at that time. Only one student may use the restroom at a time and will be accompanied by a proctor. Proctors may ask students to show that they do not have any electronic devices or other materials on them when leaving for a restroom break. A break does not entitle the student to more time on an exam. If restroom breaks are being abused or become a distraction, proctors may limit restroom breaks as deemed necessary
  9. CHSU-COM reserves the right for proctors, faculty and authorized personnel to refuse exams, terminate exams, and report test takers who are suspected of noncompliance or academic dishonesty.
  10. In addition to proctors, CHSU-COM employs video surveillance and recording technologies to maintain academic integrity during an exam.
  11. Students who are found using unauthorized materials or electronic devices during an exam, obtain assistance from classmates or from any unauthorized sources, or otherwise fail to follow the prescribed guidelines mentioned in this document will be subjected to disciplinary actions under the Student Professionalism and Conduct policy, up to and including, dismissal from the program.