COM Course/Clerkship Remediation & Repeat

Course/Clerkship Remediation

Remediation is a phase which is a result of a course failure and potential approval for re- evaluation. Remediation may include any test or performance to re-assess some or all of the learning outcomes and materials presented during a course / clerkship as determined by the Course Director or Dean’s Designee, in conjunction with the Office of Academic Affairs and Assessment. Required student Remediation Plans may consist of, but is not limited to, self-study, tutoring, and meetings with the learning specialists and/or course instructor(s) as determined by the Year-Specific SPC Sub-Committee Chair or Dean’s Designee. Course remediations will only take place during the specified times allocated during the academic calendar. The duration, content, and scoring of the Remediation Exam are determined by the respective Course Directors working with the Year-specific SPC Sub- Committee Chair or Dean’s Designee for maintaining consistency of the process across the board. Remediation Exams are not subject to appeal. Satisfactory completion of the Remediation Exam will be determined by a score of at least 70 percent.

The satisfactory remediation will be reported to the registrar as a grade of C (RC) and is used in the calculation of the student’s cumulative GPA. If the student does not satisfactorily complete the remediation, they are referred to the Student Progress Committee (SPC). The full SPC process is described in the SPC policy.

Course/Clerkship Repeat

A student who remediates a course and does not pass, a grade of RF for letter graded courses or a grade of NP for pass/non-pass graded courses/clerkships will be recorded on the official transcript. The student will be required to repeat the failed course/clerkship.

If a student is required to repeat a course/clerkship, the grades for both the original and repeated course/clerkship will be recorded on the official transcript. Only the most recent attempt is counted in the cumulative GPA and toward degree completion requirements. A minimum of 70% must be earned to pass and satisfactorily meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress.

Should a student fail to academically progress while enrolled in the medical school and based on the totality of the student’s academic performance while enrolled, the Student Progress Committee (SPC) may recommend that a student repeat an academic year in order to establish a firm foundation to assist the student in their studies of the previously taken subjects.

Students approved for readmission after a period of suspension, or an approved leave of absence may also be required to repeat previously taken courses.

Students will be charged tuition for any such repeated year of enrollment. Students are advised to contact the Financial Aid Office to determine if they are eligible to receive financial aid for any repeated year of enrollment.