College of Pharmacy Facilities

Revisions have been made to this section of the Campus Facilities Policy and is located in the addendum section of this catalog

CHSU College of Pharmacy occupies a 32,000 square foot building located at 120 North Clovis Avenue in Clovis, CA. This facility includes two 2,200 square foot classrooms which are large enough to accommodate 84 students using an active learning paradigm. Library and learning resource center is located at the 2500 Alluvial campus building. A 1,330 square foot student lounge is available to students to use as a place to meet for lunch and preparation of food for special occasions sponsored by student clubs and groups. There are 4 study rooms in the building that the students can utilize. This building also houses offices for COP faculty and University staff, so as to be accessible to students during office hours or by appointment.

The building contains a 2,139 square foot research lab for use by faculty and students. The research laboratory contains a laminar flow hood, biological safety cabinet, tabletop centrifuge, ultra-low temperature freezer, refrigerators, water purification station, CO2 incubator and other equipment for use in studies involving medicinal chemistry and cell/ tissue cultures.

The pharmacy practice lab contains three airflow hoods in which students can learn aseptic techniques required for preparing parenteral solutions. In addition, the pharmacy practice lab contains equipment for compounding including mortar and pharmacy balances.