College of Biosciences and Health Professions Facilities

The College of Biosciences and Health Professions Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences is housed in the CHSU academic building located at 120 North Clovis Avenue in Clovis, CA. This facility includes two 2,200 square foot classrooms which are large enough to accommodate 84 students. These classrooms are configured to include significant video and audio technology which will allow remote learning and connectivity to other learning spaces within the building. The library and learning resource center are located at the 2500 Alluvial campus building equipped with computers, printers and copiers are available to students for study and collaboration. The library includes individual study space, small group study space and larger collaborative space.  In addition to the library, a variety of other study spaces are available to students within the building. These include open seminar rooms, breakout / small group rooms, and individual study spaces. A 1,330 square foot student lounge is available to students to use as a place to meet for lunch. The student lounge is equipped with hard seating, coffee bar, vending machine, microwave and refrigerators for food storage. This building also houses offices for MSBS faculty and University staff, so as to be accessible to students during office hours or by appointment.

Research Lab and Equipment

CHSU currently has a 2139 square foot research laboratory equipped with several types of analytic equipment including two HPLC systems with autosamplers, imagers, and detectors, LC/MS which provides superior sensitivity and specificity, cell storage freezers and freeze-drying equipment, fast protein liquid chromatography, hoods and incubators for cell culture, nanoparticle detector, fluorescent and optical microscopes, refrigerated ultracentrifuge, and UV/fluorescent detector/scanner, to name some of the systems already in place (Attachment XX List of research equipment at CHSU lab).   

Virtual Anatomy Lab

The Virtual Anatomy lab is equipped with a virtual anatomy table, multiple display monitors, and computers.  The program uses state of the art HoloLens equipment and HoloAnatomy software to teach its students anatomy structures by way of interactive holograms. The virtual anatomy is taught using the state of the art HoloLens.  The Virtual Anatomy lab can also be used as additional study space or seminar space and will be sized to accommodate 45 to 47 students.