Clinical Clerkships

Clinical Clerkships

Students are eligible to begin the fourth-year scheduling process at the start of the third year, and it is recommended to begin planning fourth-year clerkships no later than December of the student’s third year.

Affiliation Agreements       

Affiliation agreements usually address liability, compliance, academic supervision, and faculty appointments. CHSU does not require an affiliation agreement with non-core clerkship sites. Some required selectives, elective, sub-internship, and/or audition clerkship locations require an affiliation agreement between CHSU and the visiting site. When scheduling a clerkship at a non-core site through Clinician Nexus, My Clinical Exchange, VSLO/VSAS, or directly with a preceptor, hospital, or clinic, proceed as follows:

  • Verify with the scheduling location to determine if the clerkship site requires an affiliation agreement – many locations do not need one. 
  • Check with your CHSU clinical clerkship coordinator to determine if an agreement is in place or already in process.
  • After confirming all the above, if an agreement (new or renewal) is needed, submit the 4th-Year rotation request through CORE ELMS>Site Prospector a minimum of 120 days+ before the start of the clerkship.  
  • The pending status will be in place until all documents are received. If, at 90 days, all documentation is not received for the rotation, the rotation will be denied.

Some affiliation agreements take several months to process. It is in the student's best interest to begin the process as soon as possible and secure a backup clerkship when necessary. CHSU cannot guarantee consensus will be reached with every facility or preceptor. If an agreement cannot be made between CHSU and the visiting site, the student must withdraw their application and will not be allowed to rotate at the site. A new rotation request must be submitted through CORE ELMS>Site Prospector 90 days before the requested rotation start date.

Eligible Preceptor

All preceptors must meet the following criteria to supervise a clinical training experience:

  • Licensed as a DO or MD in the primary state of practice, free of disciplinary action
  • Board certified/eligible in the clerkship specialty