Clerkship Requirements

The following are requirements for student clerkships:

  1. Each clinical rotation will have an identified preceptor of record who acts as the responsible physician for the clerkship.
  2. A licensed provider must supervise students at all times.
  3. Students shall assume responsibility for and perform their assigned duties in accordance with CHSU and the training institution regulations.
  4. Students shall not be permitted to accept financial compensation or any form of gratuity for any part of their participation in the clerkships.
  5. Through their supervising preceptor, students may be assigned to specific patients. Emphasis will be placed on obtaining a history and physical examination (H&P), and palpation and structural components will play an integral part of the history and physical examination.
  6. Student H&Ps should be reviewed and signed by the supervising preceptor.
  7. Progress notes may be written by the students only under the direct supervision of the supervising preceptor. Progress notes must be signed within the time required by the rules and regulations of the training institution.
  8. Students shall not order any examinations, tests, medications, or procedures. Students shall not write prescriptions for medication, devices, or anything requiring the authority of a licensed physician.
  9. Attendance by students is required at all conferences, discussions, or study sessions, and any other programs of an educational nature designed specifically for students at the institution. Students should document their attendance at such events. In addition, students should be encouraged to attend lectures for interns, provided these do not interfere with the clinical clerk’s own program.
  10. Students shall be required to participate in the utilization of osteopathic manipulative treatment when ordered and supervised by the attending physician.
  11. Students shall learn and perform procedures under appropriate and proper supervision, in those areas where the training institution regulations permit such instruction.