Additional Mandatory Requirements

Additional Mandatory Requirements

Many rotation sites may require additional drug screening tests; some require criminal background checks and fingerprinting.

Hospital Rules and Regulations

Each hospital/health care system has unique rules and regulations. Students should familiarize themselves with and adhere to these protocols during clinical rotations. Students must respect and follow all policies regarding the use of hospital facilities, dress codes and any other hospital resources. All hospital equipment including identification badges, pagers, keys and library material must be returned before leaving a clinical rotation. Students are financially responsible for any damage to or loss of hospital property.

Incident Reports for Exposure

If a student experiences an exposure incident while participating in clinical experiences, it must be handled as an emergency. The student is required to:

  • Go to the nearest emergency department for immediate evaluation and treatment as needed;
  • Complete an incident report via CORE ELMS>Incidents within 24 hours and email the CHSU clinical education coordinator;
  • Report the exposure incident to the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs and Clinical Preceptor.

Student Services

All services available to students in the first and second years are made available in the third and fourth years. Refer to the University Student Catalog and Handbook for detailed information on the services available.