Absence from Clerkships

All absences must be submitted and reported through CORE ELMS>Absences.

Unreported absences and/or chronic absenteeism may lead to a referral to an appropriate University official.

When unexpected circumstances arise, communicate with the site, preceptor, and CHSU clinical clerkship coordinator. Documentation may be required before returning to clinical activities. Students must work with their preceptor or site to make up the missed time.

CHSU calendar breaks do not apply to third- and fourth-year students. (e.g. Memorial Day, Labor Day, Winter Break, Spring Break, etc.)

In the event an assigned preceptor is unavailable, the student must work with their Clerkship Site or CHSU clinical clerkship coordinator to secure an alternative.

On day one of the clerkship experience, students must communicate the dates/time of required Education Day didactics and are excused from clerkships.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in research projects on their own for an additional one half-day/month. Before beginning such research, students wishing to utilize this option must communicate this to Clinical Education.  

For consideration of any planned absence, students must submit the absence through CORE ELMS>Absences. Obtain the preceptor's and/or clerkship director's approval at least 30 days before the planned absence.